“As a creative person who is making and creating all the time, you occupy the position of being one of the most interesting, absorbing and fascinating people on the planet…You need to tell your story – and tell it well.” 
With less disposable income around people are more discriminating about what they buy. Recent research shows that the story of you and your work adds value and can be a clincher when it comes to making a sale. You owe it to yourself to send out the most compelling message about your work that you can.Not everyone is a natural writer or teller of stories. However, there are a few things you simply have to do, if you are to inspire and enthuse people to buy, recommend, or review and promote your work.
You need to:
  • Find your voice – tell your story as opposed to talking about yourself.
  • Tell the stories of your work – what inspires and influences you and the beliefs and values that drive you.
  • Make decisions about what parts of the story to tell, and what to leave out.
  • Prepare text to use in your marketing materials.
  • Decide on the right medium to use to tell your stories – face to face, the web, social media, or the printed page.
Stories are the currency of human relationships. The most valuable bits of our history, culture and value systems get transmitted through storytelling. Why produce a ‘me too’ brochure, website or postcard, when the thing that will sell your work, over and over again, and will enthuse people to talk about it to each other thereby transmitting it virally, and will add value (I mean real cash value) to your work – is the story behind it and the artist who made it.
I’d rather sit and talk to an artist and maker about how to develop the story of their work than talk about the 4 p’s. The theory is useless without the substance. I’m spending much more of my time now working on this, because it is really important – for both individuals and organisations too. Best Wishes


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