I help people grow in confidence - in themselves and their ideas, in connecting with other people and in self-promotion.

I coach across the spectrum – CEO’s, Business owners,  College principals, Vets, Musicians, Educationalists, Artists and Makers, Writers and Videographers – the underpinning theme is that I work with people who want to take a fresh, creative look at the way their lives and work intertwine – aiming for success in both domains.

For me, it’s combination of two important things: Defining success on your own terms – not someone else’s – and connecting with others effectively – not by shouting, but by leading with your values in a way that creates empathy and trust. That’s what cements relationships and gets you where you want to go.

Sometimes it’s the case that talented people find it harder to cross the threshold of anxiety and put themselves out there. I specialise in working with those people.

‘No obligation’ phone consultation

I’m happy to talk with you about the possibility of coaching. The call usually addresses four questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What needs to be done in order to make those changes?
  • How would like me to work with you to make that happen?

By the end of the call we will know if coaching is going to work – and – whether I’m the right coach for you. The relationship and chemistry has to work.

You can give me call on 07810 415402, or email me here

How does it work in practice?
Obviously – this will only work if you feel comfortable with me in the role of coach or adviser. I’m happy to offer a short session on the phone absolutely free of charge to help you make your mind up one way or the other. There is no pressure to follow this up in any way.
Sessions are tailored to your requirements - usually delivered via a series of short sessions (1-2 hours depending on the focus of the meeting) - interspersed with email and phone support - and scheduled so as to allow time for ideas and plans to develop between our meetings.
The underpinning structure encourages you to do these things:
  • Think clearly about where you want to be
  • Compare that with where you are now
  • Decide exactly what needs to be done to move forward
  • Overcome doubts, fears and insecurities
  • Strategise and take action


Coaching enables people to see life ‘in the round’ – helping them achieve balance. The more balanced someone feels, the better they can perform across the board.
Coaching is a great way to tackle the myriad things that get in the way of progress – procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt, and ‘fear of success’ – to name just a few.

I have a number of flexible options for individuals – roughly speaking, these are:
  • 8 hours of support including face to face meetings, email and telephone support.
  • 6 hours of support including face to face meetings, email and telephone support.
  • 4 hours including one meeting, telephone and email support.
  • 2 hours - one local face to face meeting, with the option of follow up.

The exact cost depends on individual circumstances.

We create an agreement which sets out my obligations to you, the amount of time we will work together and the fee we have agreed. The time is then drawn down as required, at a pace that suits you. The coaching agreement commits us both to the process for the agreed period of time.

Payment options:
Coaching can be paid for by bank transfer. Or if you wish to spread the cost, by credit card through Paypal’s secure payment system. 
In certain circumstances, instalments can be arranged. Please ring if you'd like to talk about affordable ways to do this.
You can contact me by phone on 07810 415402. I aim to answer all queries within 24 hours.
Pete Mosley

The Art of Work
0141 416 0555

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Coaching + Mentoring

What People Say...

'Pete’s assistance is helping me navigate successfully through a whole series of major changes in my life. I intend to “retire” from a longstanding full time role as a local authority Chief Executive over the next few months to take up a portfolio career including 2 very different new businesses, some voluntary work and some flexible, part time roles.

This felt very daunting. How can I exit well leaving the Council and its people in a strong position to carry on succeeding? How will I adapt to not being in control and wielding power? How do I go about turning my visions into viable businesses? How will I get the energy boost I need from being around creative people? 

Pete’s approach is perfect – he listens, he asks exactly the right questions at exactly the right moment, he gives the occasional pointer to invaluable ideas and experience, and he’s making me really believe in the art of the possible.' Sandra Whiles - Ex CEO, Blaby District Council


'I've found working with Pete one of the best sources of stability in what is often a chaotic life of writing, music-making and publishing.

He asks just the right questions to make sure you don't overlook important things, and is able to switch from giving social media advice to helping form a good creative habits at a detailed level.

Discussing my work-at-home habits with him has been very useful; I feel more focused, and my daily writing has more than doubled over time.'  Phil Jourdan - musician & writer


BRILLIANT to meet you! Thank you for crystallising so many of my subconscious thoughts. I think you've struck gold with your ideas for personal branding. I've already tweaked the front page of my website along with the showreel. I very much look forward to our next meetingRob Glass. Ex-BBC Film-maker and Video Storyteller


'I have been fortunate enough to work with Pete on several occasions in the form of my coach. Pete is an incredibly creative and patient man offering many skills that many do not possess. For me though, it is his aptitude at helping me to explore the inner workings of my mind and make sense in what is going on to help me to deliver some great stuff. Thank you Pete. Oh, and he is a really nice bloke too.' Simon Hague - Corporate coach

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