There’s a huge industrial complex out there that’s designed to make you feel inadequate – physically, emotionally and intellectually. That industry then relies on the insecurities it generates to sell you everything from get rich quick manuals to cosmetic surgery.

In truth, we are pretty much OK as we are, most of us. Don’t let these incoming negative messages scupper your sense of self-belief and pull you down.

It’s important to work from a baseline of strong personal values – and values that are your own – neither pushed upon you by others or acquired by osmosis through the ‘me too’ collective unconscious of social media overwhelm. We get infected by ideas and carried along without time to reflect and make clear decisions about who we really are and what we really want in our lives.

Why does this matter?

Without clear insight as to what’s really at the core of you – your real self – life becomes a struggle – your goals and values in conflict with each other. If you are conflicted, it’s hard to project a version of yourself to others that they can trust and empathise with.

Without empathy, you won’t get the quality of relationship you need to build the partnership, move the project along or make the sale.

Best wishes – Pete


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