I realised the other night that I made a mistake. I edited the energy and commitment out of an important message. Here’s what I meant to say..

This is what the Possibility event is really all about.

The notion of the Possibility Seminar grew out of my Cheeky Letters & Dream Lists TEDx talk last year. In essence, it’s about making extraordinary things happen in life. It’s all about aspirations…yes, but it’s about more than that. What have you got at the heart of you that needs to be brought into the light – for the benefit of yourself and others? How do you embrace change in such a way that it adds value and creates meaning?

  • Do you want to lead, write, compose, perform, exhibit, heal?
  • Package up your knowledge, skills and experience and share it?
  • Do you want to inspire others?
  • Make an impact?
  • Create a legacy/be a pathfinder?
  • Change the world for the better?
  • Raise your game – or inspire others to do so?

That’s what the day is really about. How do you align aspirations, values, beliefs and actions in order to do something meaningful? To create a legacy?

What does success really mean to you? What are you on the planet to do? Join me in finding out.

“What you do for yourself dies with you. What you do for others and the world lives on and is immortal.” Albert Pike