How to figure out the right way to promote yourself.

Part One: 

Think carefully about someone you admire, and who you regard as being an expert in your niche. How do they reveal their expertise to the world – what are they doing in order to be seen and taken seriously? Here are a few prompts: 

  • Do they write a lot or keep a blog? 
  • Do they manage to get featured on websites and in magazines? 
  • Do they run classes? 
  • Do they appear at public events to talk and share skills? 
  • Do they have a YouTube channel? 
  • Do they host get-togethers to share ideas? 
  • Do they regularly collaborate with others 
  •  What else do they do that you like/enjoy?

List what they do – this is called ‘modelling’. The idea is you find someone who behaves in the way that you would like to, and gets results from doing so. Then you can model your behaviour on theirs. 

Part Two: 

What can YOU do to share your expertise with the world? What are you doing already? What opportunities are open to you? Above all – where can you get out there and really shine?  It’s far more important to prioritise one or two areas where you can perform well than it is to try and do a bit of everything.

Get a large sheet of paper and mind-map all the profile raising opportunities you can think of – see the ‘starter’ example above. For example – a lot of people are terrified of speaking in public – so at first you may wish to avoid that and focus on other techniques – but don’t write anything off completely – we tend to get better at these things by practising them in small ways over a longer period of time. 

  • In person (Talks, Masterclasses, skill-sharing workshops) 
  • In person (Networking. ‘Showing Up’ – or your equivalent of it) 
  • In print (Books, ebooks, magazine features, ‘How To’ manuals, customer information guides) 
  • Online (Blogs, Articles, Guest blogs, interviews, podcasts) 
  • Online (Video – you speaking, you working, you showing how) 
  • Online (social media presence, links, gifts, giveaways) 
  • Online (via a regular newsletter) 
  • What Else?

As the layers of your mental picture build up, you will find yourself adding to this map – this is just a starting point. Jot down what you aspire to do – don’t worry if you don’t yet know how you will make it happen – that’s what the articles on this blog are all about.

Good Luck and best wishes – Pete

This is an exercise from The Art of Shouting Quietly