If you ever find yourself thinking that you are too old, or too stuck in your ways, or too entrenched in your career to change, please stop. Stop for a moment and consider all the people around you who seem to be able to take change in their stride, who make things look easy. Don’t be fooled. Change can be extremely tricky, and they have probably worked hard to make the transition.

Nontheless, I get calls and emails from an increasing number of people in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s – and older – who have made the decision to change, and who want help to do so. 

The world is changing, and people are increasingly seeking out ways of working and lifestyles that are built around values, not money. Around making a contribution, not in demanding their entitlement.

I’m a quiet, thoughtful person who wants to do what I can to make the world a better place in my own quiet way. It’s no accident then, that other thoughtful people seek me out – out of curiosity sometimes, to see how it’s possible to make a life that has solid values at the core and yet still earns a good living. It’s myth of course, that you can’t do both!

And so I do what I do, in order that others can do what they want to do – and thrive whilst making a contribution.

And all of that life experience, all that skill, all that knowledge that you’ve built up in the early part of your career is precisely the thing that qualifies you to make a really worthwhile contribution. 

I started writing at the age of 56. I’m working just now with someone who is starting again – and is already well past retirement age. And with people taking early retirement or switching out of a career that seems less meaningful now. I met a dentist the other day who is giving up a well-established practice to become a fine artist. The world is your oyster.

Yes, it takes courage to make significant change happen. If you need to do the thing you really want to do, you must do it – irrespective of age or where you are in life. So, get those ideas out of your head. Shape them with your heart & hands. Share them with the world while you can.

And if you want a hand, you know where I am.