'I very much admire the way that you are able to keep a core understanding of creative process, and its worth, at the heart of what you deliver.’

Mick Paine – Calligrapher

'I've found working with Pete one of the best sources of stability in what is often a chaotic life of writing, music-making and publishing.

He asks just the right questions to make sure you don't overlook important things, and is able to switch from giving social media advice to helping form a good creative habits at a detailed level.

Discussing my work-at-home habits with him has been very useful; I feel more focused, and my daily writing has more than doubled over time.'

Phil Jourdan - musician & writer

What People Say

'Pete has the ability to listen not only to what one is saying, but also to what one isn't saying, and to draw insightful conclusions ...this is invariably to the good as it enables one to broaden one's horizons and to see the wood amongst the trees.'

F.M. (Anwick Forge)

'Pete delivered a great workshop looking at writing for your business and how to go about promoting your company. The group were delighted with the detailed information and knowledge that he shared with them and many of them put it to use straight away. I have already booked Pete to run more sessions with us here at the University and I know that these will be received with the same enthusiasm. Always a pleasure to work with, thanks Pete.'

Megan Powell Vreeswijk - Senior Commercialisation Fellow - Loughborough University

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