Quiz – Am I doing OK?

In creative business terms, few people are brilliant at everything. Most are good at a wide variety of things. Some struggle. Where are you on the continuum?

Answering this quiz will give you some clues as to which aspects of your creative business/life are properly within your control and which might need a bit of TLC.

Tick answer 1, 2 or 3 under each question and then use the table at the end of the quiz to calculate your score.   Good Luck!


Question 1 – Your Profile

1.         I’m a global superstar

2.         My next door neighbour doesn’t even know who I am

3.         I’m getting there, I have a good profile and I’m working on it

Question 2 – Networks and Relationships

1.         I try my best to make a few new contacts each month

2.         I’m always attending events and meeting or contacting new people

3.         I work in glorious isolation

Question 3 – Professional Development – learning new stuff

1.         I regularly go to tradeshows, exhibitions and training courses

2.         I read stuff on the internet

3.         I do these things, but not regularly

Question 4 – Work/Life balance

1.         What is life?

2.         It’s OK but work is dominant

3.         I have good long breaks where I don’t think about work at all.

 Question 5 – Creativity & Inspiration

1.         I’m inspired on a daily basis

2.         I have my moments!

3.         I struggle to find new ideas to work on

Question 6 – Focus

1.         I get distracted from time to time

2.         Nothing distracts me when I put my mind to a task

3.         Shhh! I’m on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn….

Question 7 – Products and Services

1.         I work on developing new stuff all the time

2.         My range is limited

3.         I introduce new things from time to time

Question 8 – Marketing

1.         I’ll try anything once

2.         I’m all over the internet like a rash – oh! And I’ve got a business card

3.         I’ve planned out a well balanced combination of marketing activity

Question 9 – Money

1.         Stoney broke all the time

2.         I’m doing rather well, thank you

3.         I suffer from feast and famine syndrome

Question 10 – Delegation

1.         It’s only me!

2.         I get help with book-keeping and other things I’m not great at.

3.         I’m a control freak – I can’t possible delegate anything


Question 1    1.a      2.c       3.b

Question 2    1.b      2.a      3.c

Question 3    1.a      2.c       3.b

Question 4    1.c       2.b      3.a

Question 5    1.a      2.b      3.c

Question 6    1.b      2.a      3.c

Question 7    1.a      2.c       3.b

Question 8    1.c       2.b      3.a

Question 9    1.c       2.a      3.b

Question 10 1.c       2.a      3.b


What your score means:

Mostly a’s: You are doing well – in the top 10% probably

Mostly b’s: You’re on your way – but need to work on the business as well as in it.

Mostly c’s: You probably need support to solve those problems – but remember this – asking for help is not a sign of weakness

Best wishes – Pete.