Do you freeze up every time you try to write about yourself? It’s hard isn’t it?

Here’s a handy tip to get you round the writer’s block.

  1. Choose your topic. Aim to write one paragraph/3 sentences initially – no more.
  1. Write down 3 key words that set up what you want to say.
  1. Write 1 sentence about each word.

Here’s an example:

I want to write a paragraph about my values for my business profile.

Topic: My Values

Key Words:




The result:

My Values:

 ‘My Scottish roots are important to me, as are my dialect and voice. I grew up in a close community in Glasgow and the sense of being part of a wider community of shared interests is important to me. Collaboration is at the core of my work – I like to engage people with ideas and make things happen.’

By sticking to writing one short sentence per key word, the paragraph suddenly becomes less daunting.

By repeating this technique with a range of different topics, you can build up a profile or article quite quickly.

Best wishes – Pete